Pirate Party of Brazil makes official registration and advances in the founding process

Dec 11, 2013

The Pirate Party of Brazil (PIRATAS) is officially registered. The process concluded on Tuesday (10) represents the end of the second phase required for party formalization. In the coming weeks, Regional Electoral Courts from several states will receive the names of representatives who will bring to validation the necessary support signatures for party formalization.

For entity registration it was necessary filling certified copies of: (a) founding meeting minute, (b) the Official Gazette edition in which Party’s program and statute were published, and (c) a list with all party founders, all of that authenticated with certified entirety by notary Public Records Office of Legal Persons of Brasília, fulfilling the requirements of article 9 of TSE Resolution No. 23.282/10.

With this, the Pirate Party shall be considered what the brazilian legal system call as “legal person”, with a name, board roles, and an official party headquarters addressed at the Federal Capital.

The next step will be to inform the Regional Electoral Courts who shall be the members of the Provisional Committee, comprised of representatives from each State, participants from the same community that voluntarily helped finance the necessary fees for documenting and formalizing the Pirate Party. This Committee will be responsible for submitting the signatures and requesting notary support certificates and, once official, it may initiate the campaign for collecting approximately 500,000 valid signatures (about 0.5% of total voters in the last major national elections) needed to authenticate PIRATAS in the current democratic regime’s representative system.

The Pirate Party of Brazil and all of its members understand current advances in party formalization progress as reassuring of values ​​shared by those who fight for free culture, human rights protection, the strengthening of public data oversight mechanisms, and for opening institutions for popular participation in political decisions.

Ahoy, Pirates!

About the Pirate Party and its operations in Brazil

The Pirate Party is an international political movement, officially registered as independent and autonomous political parties operating in 32 countries, with elected representatives in Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Croatia and Iceland. They promote actions that contribute to political, social, institutional, economic, legal and cultural transformations that guarantee the spread of information freely and unhindered, strengthening the construction and development of a more transparent and fair democratic societies.

In Brazil, PIRATAS was the first party built via Internet, with funds obtained through crowdfunding. Its foundation event happened in July 2012, in the city of Recife, where about 120 pirates gathered for two days for the first convention, which ratified a 5-year collaborative construction process and formalized official documents, such as statute, party program and general guidelines.


For more info:

Site: http://partidopirata.org

Email: contato@partidopirata.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PartidoPirataBR

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PartidoPirata.BR


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  1. Slash commented at

    Congrats from Germany. We hope, that you’ll manage to stop TPP together with many other organisations. 🙂

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